History of Science Centre



This science centre is situated opposite the statue of Jaiprakash Narayan at the south-western corner of the Gandhi Maidan .It is dedicated in the memory of Srikrishna Sinha who was the chief minister of Bihar during Congress regime . This science centre is meant for school children intrested in science as well as for local public. There are many models here showing the workings of many different branches of science. All the models are electrially operated. There are arrangement of showing the functioning of T.V. etc. It also has a working model of dinosaurs and a mini-planetorium which is the main attraction among the children.

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Established 1978 Location West Gandhi Maidan Marg, Patna, Bihar Coordinates 25.611°N 85.144°E Type Science Museum Visitors 158822 (2007-08), 212440 (09-10), 223300 (10-11) Director Pradipta Mukhopadhyay(Project Coordinator) Curator Swarup Mandal "Srikrishna Science Centre" was established in Patna in the year 1978 which was named after the first Chief Minister of Bihar (Dr. Sri Krishna Singh). It was inaugurated on April 14, 1978 by the then Minister of Education, Govt of Bihar, Shri Thakur Prasad Singh. This institution forms a unit of the National Council of Science Museums, an autonoums body under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It is located at south-western corner of the Gandhi Maidan. The Science Centre has been set up with all round objectives for the benefit of the public, especially the students of schools and colleges.


Following are the major attractions at the centre

Fun Science Gallery

The wonders of different topics of Physics and Maths are explained through fifty hands - on exhibits. The gallery is located on the ground floor

Mirros & Images Gallery

Many wonderful interactive exhibits that make science interesting and fun are placed here. The gallery is located on the first floor.

3D Show

You can watch the objects coming out of the screen in this fascinating show with state-of -the-art technology of polarizations. It is on the first floor of the centre.


The entire story of origin and evolution universe, solar system, earth, its life-forms and man himself is told in this gallery with around 60 interactive exhibits . The gallery is located on the second floor Oceans

The richness that is hidden in the depth of the oceans can be understood here with the help of the exhibits of this gallery which is located on the first floor of the centre.

Science Park Children love nature.Keeping that in mind, around forty park exhibits are placed in the science park where the children learn while they play. Jurassic Park Dinosaurs are the most fascinating animals that have roamed on the earth. Take a close look at these fascinating lifesize creatures that are moving in the park. Indian Scientists One can know about some of the great Indian Scientists here. Work is going on to fabricate a new gallery on ;Images and Mirrors; which will have around 60 exhibits. The gallery will showcase several interesting exhibits on concept of reflection, illusive images, 3D images, medical imaging, concept of colours, digital and virtual imaging. Several immersion virtual exhibits will be part of this gallery. The centre has recently renovated its pathways and opened a cafeteria in its premises for the visitors.